Gentler and Fresher

Chulala has sought to develop a face wash that does not
place a burden on the skin. Removing that
which is unwanted and keeping that which
is important ... Chulala Cleansing Lotion is
a cleansing water for single face washing that
draws forth skin’s original strength while
providing sufficient moisture.

Skin pleasing gifts from Okinawa,
mineral and botanical essence

Indigenous to Okinawa Shell Ginger Leaf Extract*2

Shell ginger leaf extract is said to have 34 times more polyphenol than red wine. The extract is recommended for those who have dry skin or who have seen changes in their skin condition due to aging.

Indigenous to Okinawa Coral water*3

Water, which has been purified by coral at the Kerama Islands including Tokashiki Island, contains ingredients such as calcium and magnesium that promote healthy skin cell turnover.

Papain Enzyme*4

Papain enzyme extracted from green papaya decomposes protein so it thoroughly removes old protein based keratin and dirt.

5 Reasons Why the Product
is Gentle on Skin

By applying the ancestral wisdom of Okinawa’s people, “can we clean the bodies of senior people who are confined to bed and unable to bathe?”—Chulala began with this consideration for others. All of Chulala’s products are based on this ancestral wisdom, the careful selection of Okinawa’s natural materials and consideration for the natural environment. Chulala products are gifts to those who respect natural beauty.

Are Face Washing and
Cleansing a Burden on Skin?

Excessive face washing removes even necessary
sebum and moisture and thickens keratin,
causing skin to become dull. Excessive cleansing
and washing also hardens facial skin.

Skin Texture is the Key to
Beautiful Bare Skin

If keratin is thickened and accumulates due to
improper skin care or aging, the skin will become
dull. This also impairs skin cell turnover, decreasing
elasticity and suppleness and causing conspicuous pores.

Ma ers to Consider when Face Washing

Combine cleansing lotion well with makeup to
dissolve and gently remove makeup.

  • Choose a product that does not simply “remove”
  • makeup but also maintains necessary moisture and
  • sebum and regulates skin cell turnover.

Essentials for Anti-Aging*1

Moisturize skin well to soften keratin in order to improve cell turnover cycle in which keratin is peeled naturally.

  • Choose skin care products that regulate and
  • balance the sensitive skin environment.
  • ※1 Skin care according to age

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