Herbal Soap

Washing skin gently with Creamy foam

◎ Paraben free, Tar dye free ◎ Natural essential oil

Gentle for Skin.

Simple and Gentle, Preservative free mind formula
facial soap.

Creamy foam cushion
protect from damage.

Fine and creamy foam become cushion on skin
and protect from damage.This soap provides
a fresh finish!

Product name Capacity Selling price JAN Code Commodity size(mm)
Herbal soap 80g
80g RMB88 4544159103879 W75×D35×H85 90g
Herbal soap 40g
40g RMB68 4544159103886 W57×D27×H58 50g


whip with water or lukewarm water. And wash and massage with foam.
Rinse well after wash.
※recommend to use washing net to make rich foam easy and quickly.
Wipe with clean towel gently after rinse.
※Do not use chulala cleansing lotion together ( Too much cleansing)
※If you need to remove make up, use cleansing lotion. Use herbal soap when you want to remove dirt and sebum in pore
without make up on.